The 7th World Humanities Forum
Day 2   11.09.(Thu)
  • Event overview

    2023.11.09.(Thu) / 09:00~18:00

  • Event set-up

    Keynote Lecture 2, Subcommittee Meeting Session 3, 4, 5, Special Busan Section

  • Event venue

    BEXCO Exhibition Center 2 3F / Hall 5A, Room No. 321-326

Hall 5A
Time Program Details
11:50~12:30 Keynote Lecture 2 Speaker : Mike Kim (Head of Google for Startups APAC & Korea)
“AI Startups: Opportunities and Challenges”
Room 321 ~ 326
Time Room Parallel Session & Discussion
Parallel Session3
Room 321 Theme : The Future of Literary Studies: AI, Digital Media, and Intermediality
  • 1. Youngmin Kim : A Proposal for Digital World Literature: The Convergence of Digital Humanities, Literature, Media, and Artificial Intelligence
  • 2. Qinglong Peng : Digital Humanities Approach to Comparative Literature: Opportunities and Challenges
  • 3. Alex Gil : What is Literature in the Age of Artificial Intelligence?
  • 4. Beate Schirrmacher : Beyond Books and Texts : The intermedial relationships of literature in a digital world
  • 5. Dennis Yi Tenen : An Introduction to Machine Literature
Room 322 Theme : Building a better World through Videogaming? Climate Change and Videogames
  • 1. Xenia Zeiler : Climate Change, Environmental Awareness and Asian Videogaming
  • 2. Gregory P. Grieve : Gaming the Apocalypse: Fallout 3 and Ludic Evil
  • 3. Kerstin Radde-Antweiler : The Discussion of Climate Change in Gaming Discussion Forums
  • 4. Martin Roth : Platform-mediated play in Death Stranding
Room 323 Theme : Human and Machine: Compatibility and Reciprocity
  • 1. Hyungrae Noh : Folk Understanding of Artificial Moral Agency
  • 2. Kang-Kook Lee : Shared Prosperity in the Era of AI
  • 3. LEE, YOU-KYUNG : Can Humans Stand in Solidarity with Other Species? : An Analysis of Empathy between Humans and Bonobos in Jeong You Jeong’s <Jini, Jinny>
  • 4. Park Yeonsook : Co-Evolution of Human and AI in Producing Artworks
Room 324 Theme : War and Hostility & Hospitality to Others
  • 1. Sangsu Kim : A Conceptual Consideration of Hostility and Hospitality towards Autonomous Weapon Systems: Towards a Concept of Moral Agents
  • 2. Eunyoung Cho : Is it possible to have a war without enemies?: Focusing on Mencious' thought of Uijeon(義戰)
  • 3. DONG-HA SEO : An Exploration on the Possibility of Non-hospitality on Shakespeare's 『Coriolanus』
  • 4. Youngju Lee : A Reflection on Humans crossing ‘Non’-coexistence: An Example on the Ukrainian War Refugee
  • 5. Hyunyoung Moon : The 'Other' among 'Us', Female Soldiers: Will the Future Comabatants be De-gendered?
Room 325 Theme : The Function of Religious Art: Communication with God, Aesthetics of Human Coexistence
  • 1. Kang, Heejung : Script of Communication for Coexistence: Incantation, Symbol, and Art
  • 2. Yang Eun Gyeng : Wide spread of Mazuism: Ocean safety and Coexistence, Concord
  • 3. Yu Na Han : Art of Sympathy for Pilgrimages: The Iconography of the Separation of the Apostles in Fifteenth- and Sixteenth-century German Speaking Lands
  • 4. Lee, Seunghui : Religious Communication in the late Joseon Dynasty: Guan Yu beliefs and Integration of Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism beliefs
  • 5. Song, Unsok : The combination of temporary burial rite and building a pagoda on it after all funeral services at the Temple known as Hwangboksa in Gyeongju: Examining the “厝” record on the reliquary
Room 326 Theme : Me and the Other, Coexistence and Mutual Prosperity
  • 1. Oui Suk CHOI : Toward Communication and Empathy : Cultural Co-existence and Co-prosperity of Human and Space
  • 2. Kang Jihoon : Mediterranean history of coexistence and win-win seen through a digital map -Focused on the Medieval Renaissance-
  • 3. SHIN, Eunkyung : Coexistential Aspect of Humans and Dogs Viewed From Literature —Based on the Comparison of Premodern and Modern Korean Literature
  • 4. Hyun Nam-Sook : How Should We Get to Know the World With Non-human Critters? - Some Casess to the Possibility of Posthuman Knowledge
11:30~11:50 - Break Time
Parallel Session4
Room 321 Theme : Humanities Research in the Age of AI: In Search of Conditions of Communication and Medium of Solidarity
  • 1. Donghyun Woo : Digital History and Artificial Intelligence as Tools of Communication, and their Costs
  • 2. Jung, Seohyon : Literary Education and the Reader in the Age of AI: Towards a Humanities Commons
  • 3. Dongwoo Kim : Philosophy and Digital Humanities
Room 322 Theme : Cultural Empathy in East Asia
  • 1. Jeong Changhoon : Encounter with "Japan" in contemporary Korean literature : Imagining the bond between "individuals" beyond "Korea-Japan" relations
  • 2. Yeogeun Kim : Beyond Boundaries through Empathy : Reflections on Teaching K-pop Culture
  • 3. Shin Dae Gon : The Worldview of Empathy and Communication in Rock Paintings - From Central Asia’s Issyk Kul to Taehwa River in Ulsan
  • 4. Shin Jeongsoo : Jo Myeonho (1803-1887) and his Connoisseurship of Miniature Rocks: A Focus on Multiple Readings of Stone-exchange
Room 323 Theme : Climate Crisis, Poverty, and Ecological Disasters in the Global South: Challenges, Roles, and Tasks of 'Planetary Humanities'
  • 1. LEE Jongchan : Recovering the Planetary-Ecological System in the Congo Basin : Towards Korean-Congolese Cooperation
  • 2. Taeheok LEE : Exploring Coexistence and Mutual Prosperity: Tracing the Origins of the Anthropocene through Amazon’s features and Presenting Alternative Approaches
  • 3. Cho Hungguk : Impacts of Colonialism: Impoverishment and Environmental Destruction in Southeast Asia
  • 4. Leo Zulu : Cooking Energy, Poverty and Climate Change in Sub-Saharan Africa: Experiences from Malawi
Room 324 Theme : Moving, Combining, and Discovering
  • 1. Jiwon Kim : Korean Diaspora during Japanese Occupation : A Study on Settlement and Economic Activities of Korean Families in California (1910-1923)
  • 2. Eunjoo Choi : Humanities Significance of Research on the Meaning Shift of Vocabulary Words in Refugee and Migration Issues
  • 3. Minsu Ha : Communicating, Empathizing, and Coexisting with Multicultural Students: Reflections on STEM Education Needs in Multicultural Schools
  • 4. Kim Eunjung : How Does Korean Literature Understand Dementia
Room 325
The Korean Federation of Humanities and Social Sciences (KHSS)
Theme : Current Status of Support System for 'Academic Research in Humanities and Social Sciences'
  • 1. Kim, Seungwook : A Review of the Problems of Support Policy for Humanities
  • 2. Lee Jun-Kyu : Current Status of Humanities and Society of Local Universities - Focusing on Busan-
  • 3. Jinyoung MIN : Policy of Promoting Humanities and Social Studies Abroad
  • 4. Wee, Hangbok : Necessity and Measures for the Promotion of Humanities and Social Sciences
Busan City Session
Room 326
Local theme presentation
Theme : Busan in Movement and Transition
  • 1. Khang Hyuk : Immigrant City Busan: New Cultural Vision of 21th century
  • 2. Woo Yang Ho : A Comparative Study of Sea Port Cities Networks of Busan and Foreign Cities
  • 3. Seo Kwang Deok : Busan in the Sea Region Network, The History of Its Incoming and Outgoing
  • 4. Hong, Soon Kwon : Korean labor's emmigration to Japan and the urban problems in Busan under the Japanese colonial era
15:30~16:00 - Break Time
Parallel Session5
Room 321
Young Researchers Session
Theme : Multifaceted Exploration for Communication and Co-existence
  • 1. Choi guemhee : A consideration of the function and role of citizen humanities from the perspective of social integration: Focusing on the experiences of humanities instructors
  • 2. Baek Woo In : A Study on the Grotesque in the Movie "Guardians of the Galaxy 3" - Centered on Mikhail Bakhtin
  • 3. Heejae Jeong : Changes in family conversations over time - Focusing on comparison of k-dramas in the 1990s and 2020s
Room 322
Young Researchers Session
Theme : Digital Storytelling in the Age of AI
  • 1. Hyewon Han : Digital Storytelling in the Age of AI
  • 2. Eunhye Chung : Human-Machine Cooperation in Web Fiction Creation
  • 3. Jane Seo : Romantic Happening and Autopia
  • 4. Hanha Park : AI Writing as a Materialization Process: Focusing on the Tools and Chatbot Creation of <wrtn>