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The 7th
World Humanities Forum
| The Humanities of Relationships: Toward Communication, Co-existence, and Empathy
2023.11.8.(Wed.) - 11.10.(Fri.) | BEXCO Exhibition Center 2, Busan, Korea
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About World Humanities Forum (WHF)

   Since its inception in 2011, the World Humanities Forum (WHF) has provided a space for Humanities scholars, philosophers, artists, and activists to participate in multilateral humanities-themed dialogue about some of the most pressing issues that the humanity is facing in the 21st century. The forum encourages the globalization of the Humanities in Korea based on the historical and cultural resources of various regions in Korea, and has established a site of continuous intellectual exchange and cooperation among scholars from all over the world. Distinguished scholars engage in constructive discussions and solutions to help solve various problems and challenges faced by the contemporary world, working towards a scholarly consensus and establishing the role of the Humanities in the world.

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The 7TH World Humanities Forum
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